Do you want to train at the leading golf institute in South Africa? The TGSE Academy offers intensive elite performance training in a dynamic learning environment, to prepare talented players for a successful professional playing career. The academy structure is proving to be the most successful modern-day route to a tour career, as talented students are able to concentrate fully on their golf with a full support before turning pro. TGSE opened the 1st full-time elite performance academy in South Africa, in 2004, and our experience has kept us as the No 1 academy for producing professional golfers


Program Includes

Technical Training

Players receive world class training from a coaching team led by TGSE Founder and Performance Director, Michael Balderstone, following the unique Total Golf Coaching System. Full use is made of the latest coaching technology such as Trackman and Flightscope and training aids to accelerate the improvement process.

Golf Fitness

Players receive intense twice-weekly squad training from TGSE’s Strength & Conditioning Specialist Esmiralda Swart, as well as golf-specific testing every cycle and a personal fitness programs to follow in between sessions. Esmiralda has a BA Honours in Sport Science and Human Movement Science from University of Pretoria and is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.

Mental Conditioning

Players receive 1-on-1 sessions with one of our team of Psychologists and Mental Coaches. The sessions are built around each learner’s specific individual needs, and can relate to factors such as; maintaining focus, acceptance of bad shots, performing under pressure, staying in the present, pre shot routine and many more.

Course Strategy

Players receive weekly course strategy sessions designed to enhance the thinking and playability of the player on the course.


TGSE hosts a full schedule of exclusive tournaments, which form the basis of the TGSE Order of Merit. Tournaments include strokeplay medals and a number of 72-hole championships. All vital statistics are analysed to help form the student’s Performance Development Programme. Matchplay also form a vital part of the programme with an internal championship and matches against other competitive teams. Students also compete in local and national amateur tournaments to gain additional experience.

Practice Facilities

Students train at first class facilities at each campus. They also play a full tournament schedule at top-rated golf courses, such as Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC and Bellville GC, where they become members and receive unlimited prepaid rounds of golf.

Who Should Apply?

Talented golfers who are looking for world-class expertise and a disciplined environment to help them to achieve their dreams of a successful playing career.

Players who wish to give themselves that extra edge over the competition that can make the difference between success and failure

Enrolment Requirements: 3 handicap or below

All applicants must undergo:

  • Interview with Elite Performance Director
  • Game Assessment Session *
  • Personality Profile Test
* ZAR500 interview & assessment fee payable.

Only 12 applicants are accepted per year.

Progress Reports

Parents or sponsors receive reports at the end of each cycle containing tournament scores, vital statistics and attitude assessments. These are viewed through a password-protected personal student profile on our website. Each learner’s scores and statistics are also updated on the profile on a weekly basis, calculated by our unique statistics system.

Success Stories

A whole host of provincial and national representatives from around the world have attended TGSE, including a world champion, national champions, and many who have gone on the achieve tour cards.

Notable graduates to the Sunshine Tour have included Toto Thimba, Stuart Smith, Dayne Moore and Stefan Engel Andersen.