Andorette Jowett(Parent of TGSE Student)

I am very excited about Janus’s future. Thank you for the way that you are building his character, confidence, academics and sport. We can really see him grow.


Bianca van Eeden(Parent of TGSE Cape Town Student)

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on running a world class academy.The passion you and your staff have for the growth of our children far exceeds what we could ever pay for.You take a boy and turn him into a gentleman.You give them not only golf skills but also life skills.I am extremely proud and grateful.


Taylor Koonce from Texas, USA(TGSE Academy student)

“What’s great about TGSE is it has this community of people who really care about you”


Tyrone & Debi (Parents of TGSE Junior Academy student)

ust a note to Thank you all at TGSE. Everything that was promised to us as parents is actually delivered which is unusual these days. From your academics, to training, to support for Deane and for your excellent communication to us parents to keep us updated as to what is happening at TGSE. Since joining TGSE, Deane has really become a different person. He is far more happy and settled, for which we thank you all. He faces his challenges head on and in a very positive manner which is fantastic for us as parents to see. Thank you all again.


Franco Rabe(TGSE Junior Academy Student)

It was an amazing first day at TGSE. Its everything I could think of and more. I feel really welcomed by each and every staff member that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I look forward to all the lessons and advise given which I will take into my mind and think about it and improve on it through out the year.


Tom Nicholas(Parent of TGSE Student)

We made one of the biggest decisions regarding education and the future of our daughter this year. Kelsey was in her early teens when she decided that golf was her passion and she wanted to pursue it for her future, unfortunately we were hell bent on her finishing her education at a traditional school and that she could follow her dream of being a golfer after school.

During this time Kelsey was only able to play golf on weekends and holidays as golf was not recognised as an official sport at her school . We also had an additional problem of the fact that Kelsey is dyslexic and we had concerns about moving schools in grade 11.

After speaking to many people we decided to go and meet the people at TGSE and enrol Kelsey, all of our concerns were addressed and our biggest surprise has been the level of professionalism with which the educational side of the school is handled, at no time have Kelsey’s studies been compromised. The British distance learning has been excellent in accommodating all our concerns and Mark at TGSE manages the tutor group as any traditional school would.

We are extremely happy with the education side as well as the golfing side, Kelsey started at TGSE in March 2015 with a handicap of 7 and now in October 2015 her handicap has come down to a 3! She is playing the best golf of her life and she gets the full support of professionals for golf, fitness and mental coaching, Kelsey is happy and in turn we are happy, she is balancing school and golf very comfortably. She is now representing Central Gauteng and has a ranking in South Africa for woman’s golf.

We are extremely happy at TGSE and they have helped us realise our daughter’s dream of playing golf every day and the bonus is that we are getting a good education at the same time.


Johannes Greyling(Parent of TGSE Student)

Dear Isis – I would like to give my experience of TGSE as a parent of one of your students, Janus Greyling. TGSE is the place where every staff member and student forms a highly organized unit that is reflects the highest professional and social values embedded in the game of golf. The program integrates all student skill and talent levels with the added bonus that academic work does not take a second place.

Janus has become quite self-sufficient in planning, organizing and implementing his golf, academic and social life since being a student at TGSE. I have to compliment the school as the catalyst that made Janus become a fast maturing young man of which I am proud.


Deirdre Blain(Parent of TGSE Holiday Camp student)

Hi Jason – I thought I would share emails between the parents on feedback for this week’s clinic. The boys think it is fantastic – Rory is so fired up to get out there, commit to even more practice, knows what aspects of his game he needs to work on – I think he wants to enter the amateur lead up to the British Open (I am joking 🙂 Fantastic – really great way that the golf pro’s have approached the teaching with them.

Compliments all round to you all – We will come back! So please ensure you continue to send me all opportunities.


Vuvu Bengane(Parent of TGSE Student)

Thank you very much for the excellent work that you do. Our son is maturing well. He has learned to take responsibility for his development. Well done.


Kevin & Judy Wellbeloved(Parents of TGSE student)

I would like to say thank you for all you and the school have done for Michael this year. He has a thoroughly enjoyable and productive year and having sat down with him yesterday and summed up the year it has been a very successful year for him. Once again thanking you for your time and effort with our boys and we look forward to next year with you.