At PMJA we believe in teaching the LOVE of the game through our various structured programs delivering instruction with ENERGY and PROFESSIONALISM.

All the coaches involved with junior coaching at PMJA are members of the PGA of South Africa, together with this all our coaches are also trained in SNAG (starting new at golf).

SAFTY at PMJA is the most important part of our coaching structures and we pride ourselves in delivering SAFE instruction.

The PMJA junior philosophy:

  • We train to be the best we can we and have FUN doing it.
  • We respect each other and the wonderful game of golf and we have FUN doing it.
  • When we practice we practice with a purpose and we have FUN doing it.
  • When we learn about the game we have FUN doing it.
Having a good attitude will always make golf more ENJOYABLE and more FUN, at PMJA it is our mission to make golf SAFE, FUN and ENJOYABLE to parent and child.

What we offer

SNAG, ages 3-6 (group size 1-4 max)

At PMJA we use SNAG (starting new at golf) to introduce young new golfers to the game. SNAG is all about teaching the FUNdamantals of the game and keeping it interesting and easy. SNAG is big, bright and lots of FUN, it allows the children to achieve to such a level that they can make a smooth transition into traditional equipment.

Through the SNAG structure your child will be prepared for golf as a sport, by having fun, good basics and developing motor skills in safe group environment.

JUNIOR ACADEMY, ages 7-17 (group size 1-7 max)

For the slightly older junior golfers we have the advanced group training. This type of training is also done with the beginner junior golfer in this age category.

In these groups we prepare the children to go out and start playing on the course. We teach the children the various techniques for the various skills needed to be able to have FUN, be SAFE and be course READY.

This includes covering the following aspects:

  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Bunkers
  • Rules and etiquette
Our G.P.S philosophy:
  • G - a good GRIP is the start of good FUNdamentals
  • P - a good POSTURE is key to our A,B,C and D's of golf.
  • S - a good posture requires a good STANCE
Our A,B,C and D's of golf.
  • A - stability
  • B - resistance
  • C - power
  • D - Balance
The end result is a child with the ability to play en ENJOY the game with their pears and parents.

Individual Junior coaching

When it comes to individual junior coaching at PMJA we can provide structured one on one personal attention. Having one on one personal attention from a coach will improve the child performance and understanding of what he/she would like to achieve. Group coaching together with individual coaching will only benefit your child.

PMJA Junior challenge

The PMJA junior challenge is played on Tuesday's at Bellville GC (weather and times permitting)

The aim of the PMJA junior challenge is to get the children that are able to play out on the course playing with fellow PMJA junior members.

The younger children play 3-5 holes whilst the older slightly more advanced children will play 6-9 holes.

(Whilst on the course each group will be supervised by a coach)

Junior holiday program's

At PMJA we strive to be different, every school holiday we do something different by offering a holiday program to further developing the skills of the children, create friendships and memories.

The junior holiday programs are packet with fun, games, challenges, practice and good times.